CIEDI was founded on September 3, 1977 by its current CEO Clara Gutierrez Palacios. Initially its name stood for Centro Infantil de Educación Integral, but once arriving to third grade, while opening a new course every year, the meaning of CIEDI changed to Centro Integral De Educación Individualizada.

This educational project arose as a response to two main problems which the Colombian Educational System was going through at that time: The overcrowding of educational institutions and the transmission of knowledge without taking into consideration the needs and individual characteristics of the students. Since the beginning, the emotional development of the students has been fundamental; the reasoning behind why we prioritize and established mechanisms that thoroughly guarantee the support of the process of emotional maturation of the students. This aim has implied the creation of an educational atmosphere that allows and facilitates good relationships between students, parents, teachers and school administrators in a constructive, respectful and equalitarian way, since the type of emotional development the students achieve will greatly depend on the degree of autonomy and commitment they will bring to their personal project and experiences. 

CIEDI enables the development of full human potential of its students, based on the knowledge of each individual in order to discover their capabilities that will guide the student through a lifetime, as well as to create challenges for the student and the teachers based on the child’s needs.

The educational process is student centered and directed towards an achievement of an identity that will allow for the student to authentically consolidate their own values.

In 2000 CIEDI became a bilingual school taking its first step towards becoming an international school. This process was reinforced with its enrollment with the International Baccalaurate Organization (IB) in 2006, achieving the approval of the Primary Years Program (PYP) and the Middle Years Program (MYP) in June and August of the same year; a process consolidated in July 2008 with the approval of the Diploma Program (DP).

In its continuous search for quality, and recognizing the necessity to follow international standards, the school chose to follow the philosophy of TOTAL QUALITY, and enrolled in the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) achieving the certification for the first access level in February 2008.

CIEDI today is COLEGIO INTERNACIONAL DE EDUCACION INTEGRAL, (International School of Integral Education) an IB School, certified for quality under the EFQM model, with the certification and approval of the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programs, and an institution that offers English as language A or B and French as language B. 




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