The International Baccalaureate  founded in 1968 is a leading entity in the field of international education. CIEDI joins more than 1.800 authorized schools in more than 125 countries to offer three programs of study:

The Primary Years Program – PYP for students ages 3 to 11, promotes an active focus in learning, stimulates the natural curiosity that children have to discover the world, developing the exploration and construction of relevant and pertinent meanings. Encourages positive attitudes, the respect for the environment and for the fundamental values of other cultures.

The Middle Years Program – MYP for students ages 11 to 16, stimulates the development of independent thinking to perform competently through the student’s communication abilities. In this process, intercultural consciousness is generated, going through the different levels of community and generating holistic learning in all situations, with the goal to competently solve problems.

The diploma Program - DP for students ages 16 to 19, offers a wide and rigorous curriculum in which the student has to apply in real life all that they learn in class. This program is internationally recognized to enter into higher education.

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