logo EFQMThe European Foundation for Quality Management is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the promotion of the total quality management as a way to maintain the companies’ sustainable excellence in the productive and service sector. To achieve this goal, this model assists their performance and gives them the tools to work and learn from their own experience, it offers them the opportunities of learning, recognizes the improvement and supports the implementation of what is known as better practices.

In the area of education, this model was adopted between 1995 and 1997 in the Instituto de Tecnicas Educativas of the Spanish confederation for education centers and from there it passed to the Santillana Group that, from 2000 has been training advisers to participate in the certification process of education centers in countries like México, El Salvador, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Perú and Chile. Due to its humanist nature (where persons and human-performed work is what is important), and by its quest to make the potential in each person’s individuality flourish, the model has been adopted at CIEDI. Subsequently these are also pillars to the particular education that we offer and the IB philosophy. By now the school has been certified in the access level and continues indentifying areas of improvement and optimizing processes and results behind the excellence in its labor.

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