Middle Years Program (MYP)

The Middle School at CIEDI

The Middle School at CIEDI is inspired by the mission of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Program and complemented by the philosophy of an individualized and holistic education at CIEDI.  We offer a learning environment that enables students to achieve their maximum potential as they develop into young adults.

The years that surround the Middle School student’s experiences at school are a time of significant social, emotional, and physical growth. This stage of early-to-mid adolescence is a particularly critical phase of personal and intellectual development and requires an environment that helps students participate actively and responsibly in a changing and increasingly interrelated world. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically is as important as learning facts.

The IB in the Middle School


CIEDI’s articulation of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Program (MYP) enables the school to offer an internationally renowned program that encourages students to make connections between traditional subjects and the real world, while challenging them to become critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP curriculum offers a holistic approach to learning, providing opportunities that allow students to see the connections among all subjects they are studying. The emphasis is on the fluidity of the curriculum and the interrelatedness between the core subjects and the real world. Taken as a whole, the MYP at CIEDI teaches students how to learn, think critically, and apply their knowledge in meaningful ways. Emphasis is placed on application of knowledge and skills rather than the mere recall of facts. In addition, at CIEDI, students learn to analyze their work, reflecting on their progress and development. Active student participation in the learning process is a hallmark of the program.

To this end, we offer a learning environment that fosters academic autonomy and responsibility through collaborative learning with others. Students learn in a broad base of disciplines to ensure that they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for the future.

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Individualized and Comprehensive Education

CIEDI’s small class size is a noteworthy aspect of the school that gives each student the individual attention they require to be challenged at their level and ability as well as the opportunity to become actively engaged in their education. Activities are student-centered, and promote active participation and reflection. Because of this unique learning environment, students can’t help but to become engaged in their learning.

In addition to the skills and knowledge that are taught through the curriculum of the MYP, an equal emphasis is placed on developing the social and emotional well-being of the student. Through the Middle School’s homeroom program implemented at each grade level, a faculty leader oversees both the academic and social development of the class as a whole. In collaboration with the MYP psychologist, the curriculum for homeroom meetings addresses issues dealing with social, emotional and physical development.

Regular meetings with parents are also scheduled throughout the school year to help bring them up to speed with the topics addressed in class as well as to give them the necessary tools to become involved in their learning at home. Homeroom leaders are responsible for all communication with families regarding the academic and social development of their students.

Because a strong connection between home and school is an important ingredient of success at the middle school level, we encourage families to communicate regularly with the school. In the Middle School you can expect regular communication from teachers and the coordinator in the form of the by-weekly NotiCiedi and frequent communication from your child’s Homeroom leader and subject teachers.  And of course, you will hear from the MYP Coordinator quite regularly as well, as we update you on the latest news in the Middle School and invite you to the various informational meetings and community building events that take place throughout the year.



MYP Coordinator 

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