CIEDI’s preschool was founded in 1977 in Bogota, Colombia. Since it’s beginning it has been distinguished by its ability to innovate in implementing cutting-edge pedagogical frameworks.

This evolution has shifted the school to lead and achieve a harmonious and unique combination of an educational trend and globally influential framework: The Primary Years Program Model (PYP) from the International Baccalaureate Organization.

 Primary Years Program (PYP)

In June 2006, CIEDI became an international world school through the PYP certification, finding a special synergy between its educative proposal and those of the IB programs.

 The PYP is a trans-disciplinary program of international education designed to foster the full development of the child. It is aimed at students aged 3 to 12 years and focuses on the development of the child, heart and mind, serving their social, physical, emotional and cultural as well as their academic potential. The PYP feeds on research and best practices from a variety of national systems to create an educational framework that is relevant, interesting, stimulating and meaningful for all children. 

 The PYP in Preschool has been enriched with both the Reggio Emilia and Making Thinking Visible Approaches who aim to develop our students’ inquiry and thinking skills through the practices. Furthermore the teaching staff is committed to plan collaboratively to create significant and authentic learning experiences.

Additionally, our preschool has a parallel process of acquisition in both languages (bilingualism-English/Spanish) through an early phonetic development. 




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