Primary Years Program (PYP)

Our commitment is to build a student community with an open mind, committed to the construction of concepts through dynamic learning. We work for the development of abilities, aptitudes, attitudes and actions required for learning through the stimulus of the natural curiosity that our young boys and girls have to discover the world in an Inquiry-Based academic program. We look forward to educate politically, socially and environmentally responsible new generations.

We create a rigorous but friendly working environment, where students gain knowledge in a meaningful and authentic context. We encourage our children to make decisions about possible learning experiences and connect the new information with their prior knowledge. We work on meaningful projects based on our units of inquiry, promoting activities with an emphasis on teamwork and respectful interaction. Students engage in inquiry projects involving a transdisciplinary approach where various areas and disciplines of knowledge interact and participate. Our students, explore, make attempts and approximations and see mistakes as opportunities to learn from them.

Inside the values and principles that push forward our pedagogical labor we privilege the advancement of an international mentality and the respect for an individualized education.

We work within the framework of an integrated focus, designed to stimulate each child’s abilities in the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects while observing classroom processes of differentiation. We focus the evaluation processes on the strengths of the child and adjust activities considering the learning rhythms and styles of each individual.

In June 2006, CIEDI became an international world school through the PYP certification, finding a special synergy between its educative proposal and those of the IB programs.

The PYP is a trans-disciplinary program of international education designed to foster the full development of the child

It is aimed at students aged 3 to 12 years and focuses on the development of the child, heart and mind, serving their social, physical, emotional and cultural as well as their academic potential. The PEP feeds on research and best practices from a variety of national systems to create an educational framework that is relevant, interesting, stimulating and meaningful for all children. 

 Learn more about PYP program in the IB website.


PYP Coordinator 
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