IcoTransporteStrokeThe transportation service is optional, offered by the school and sub-contracted by a qualified School Bus Service Company that is governed by strict safety measures. The bus routes cover to the south of the city Ciudad Salitre and to the north the municipality of Chia.

Escorts who watch over the students’ discipline and safety accompany all bus routes. They are in constant communication with the school’s transportation service coordinator to keep track of any eventuality and to efficiently solve any issue.
Student’s home pickup and deliver from Pre Kinder to Transition is at the neighborhoods entrance and from Primary to Eleventh Grade around one, two blocks or closer depending on the street’s traffic.

In addition to the main transportation service, students who stay at school for an after school program are transported to main bus stops in the north of the city to be picked up by their parents or person in charge of them. Additionally, the transportation service covers, with no extra charge, cultural, sports, and entertaining trips inside the city limits and carried out during the academic schedule.

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